Aerospace India has moved from being a food importer to one of the leading exporters in last few decades. The warehousing capacity increasing by 8%–10% annually but it is estimated 20%–30% of the total food grain and horticultural harvest is wasted due to the lack of availability of storage capacity, regional imbalance in warehouses, lack of adequate scientific storage and inefficient logistic management in the country. With the Government focussing on efficient food processing and preservation, the thrust on cold storage capacity building is witnessing a huge spurt. Government is planning various incentives and policy changes to help eliminate produce wastage in storage, transport and handling.

Dynamic Logistics has Export, Air Cargo facilities and Cold Storage at Dighi. Reefer points for cold chain containers help better preservation of containerized cargo. At ICD Dynamic Logistic has been handling Fresh Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, milk products , Chocolate etc on regular basis.