Aerospace It is often said in this new technology driven age, standardization has led to less differentiation between products and it is the supply chain of one manufacturer competing against other manufacturer especially in Automotive field. Driven by globalization and increasing customer requirements, car manufacturers are forced to offer a large range of vehicle models and options. The enormous product variety-induced complexity and the pressure of tough international competition make it hard to ensure efficient logistics. That is the reason why efficient process and digital enablement plays a major role throughout the entire automotive supply chain, from allocation and storage of raw materials and components to production and delivery to timely spare parts.
Aerospace Dynamic Logistic has its roots based in Automotive supply chain management . It has proved it’s mettle in ‐ Inbound supply chain with processes like milk run collection, JIT , Vendor Managed Inventory, inbound stores management, line feeding, Kanban etc ‐ Outbound supply chain with hub and spoke distribution model, direct to consumer dispatches, transportation optimization, after-market spare part warehousing and distribution ‐ Returns management, returnable bins management, Claims processing etc

Dynamic Logistics provides support to implement process and carry out operations of various ERPs like SAP , Oracle , JD Edwards etc for clients. Dynamic Logistic has capability to do the implementation of Barcoding , RFID , IoT in warehouses.