Energy and Chemicals With the Indian chemical industry actively setting up manufacturing bases in various remote locations, Logistics is the biggest point of consideration. Logistics, both inbound raw materials to efficient storage and distribution of products has huge potential in saving costs and becoming viable in face of stiff international competition. The environmental issues and regulations also require that entire supply chain is compliant to the norms.
Efficiency can be brought in with harmonised production cycles, transparent order processing and integrated logistics . Safety and sustainability actively assessing their transport operation risks are the key to be the successful player in this field. The winners in this industry will be those that manage the increasing complexity through better process and system integration, effective partnering along the supply chain and advanced technology deployment.
Dynamic Logistic with capabilities in Freight forwarding, Inland Container Depot at Dighi, Pune and efficient distribution network capabilities is poised to play a major role in providing service to Energy and Chemical sector.