Flexible Storage

In the new globally competitive business environment, success of an enterprise depends not only on product differentiation, but also on how effectively the product’s supply chain measures up against competition in terms of efficiency. The new business paradigm is agility, optimization and cost effectiveness of the whole value chain.

Logistics parks Traditionally most of companies use a fixed area, dedicated warehouse to cater to their inventory management needs. This works well when the needs of space are comparatively large and are fairly consistent over a long term. This model is characterized by higher fixed costs in terms of space, equipment, staff and related services.

Dynamic Logistics, a pioneer in Third Party Logistics Service in India, brings you a new offering of Flexible Warehousing. The highlight of this new model is its ability to convert that large fixed cost component to a variable cost, which in turn provides a competitive advantage to the user, allowing him to be agile and scalable.

Some of highlights of this service are:

  • Best of breed warehouse infrastructure readily available
  • High and Instant scalability
  • Idea is to make the Ware-House into a Ware-Hotel
  • Ideal and efficient processes
  • 100% IT enabled, and systems driven
  • Visibility of inventory and billing status online with secure access
  • Free opt-in SMS alerts on transaction
  • Storage costs on No. of Pallets/Day charges basis.
  • Billing on Actual Usage only.
  • Costs of other infrastructure like Aisles , Loading/ Bays, Office space, Parking space is not charged separately
  • Handling charges are billed per transaction per pallet
  • Host of Value Added Services available on spot. Also on Variable - pay per use basis
    • Palletizing
    • Re-Packing
    • Labelling
    • Cleaning

Advantage to Customers

  • No initial fixed cost
  • Flexibility of Usage and Instant Scalability
  • High Quality of Service and support experience
  • Helps change organisation behaviour by aligning costs with consumption
  • Removes infrastructure limitation as distraction to help focus on more strategic issues
  • Total cost of Storage and handling becomes extremely attractive in case of variable and small requirement