Dynamic Logistics, over last 34 years, has been providing world class logistics support multitude of Industry sectors. The processes that have been perfected over years have truly made Dynamic Logistics sector-agnostic. It started with providing warehousing space to multinational companies, blossomed in to full service 3rd Party Logistics service. Starting with managing Automotive Spares for after-market, Dynamic Logistics has successfully handled as diverse inventory as chemicals, electronic goods, FMCG, Engineering goods, toys and much more

Some of prominent sectors are


Aerospace Aerospace Industry is the back bone of civilian, commercial and military sectors. The challenge faced by this industry is while facing extreme competitive pressures to maintain margins at the same time keep planes flying. This is one of increasingly complex and regulated global market. Supply chain optimization has become a key to optimize processes and reduce costs in production, materials movement and MRO operations Dynamic Logistics is slowly becoming a player in the global aerospace supply chain, streamlining the flow of parts. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified processes help our customers achieve the goal of single point of contact for Freight forwarding, Customs clearance at ICD-Dighi, Bonded warehousing and distribution.... Read more

Agri & Perishables:

Agri and Perishables India has moved from being a food importer to one of the leading exporters in last few decades. The warehousing capacity increasing by 8%–10% annually but it is estimated 20%–30% of the total food grain and horticultural harvest is wasted due to the lack of availability of storage capacity, regional imbalance in warehouses, lack of adequate scientific storage and inefficient logistic management in the country. With the Government focussing on efficient food processing and preservation, the thrust on cold storage capacity building is witnessing a huge spurt. Government is planning various incentives and policy changes to help eliminate produce wastage in storage, transport and handling.... Read more


Automotive Dynamic Logistics began its journey as 3rd Party Logistics supplier for various automotive Manufacturers ,OEMs and vendors. It has successfully managed outbound logistics for after-market spare parts (SPD) for commercial vehicles and passenger cars from Pune facility. Dynamic Logistics was responsible for handling 11,000 SKUs, with throughput more than 200 crores, dispatching parts to Dealer network throughout India. Dynamic Logistics handled operations for multiple clients speread over different geographies like Chennai, Indore, Aurangabad, Delhi etc. Dynamic Logistics has to its credit implementation of first Just-In-Time system involving Milk-run collection from more than 70 vendors and supplying to production line for a Multinational Engine manufacturer... Read more


Defence Indian defence establishment is progressively accepting the concept of outsourcing non-core logistics processes to accredited Indian service providers. Outsourcing frees commanders to focus on their primary task and saves resources. It meets the demands of reduction in defence budget and a ceiling on manpower. Dynamic Logistics being 100% home grown Logistics service provider is in an ideal position to take on the responsibility to assist armed forces and defence related production facilities. The core IT capabilities of Dynamic Logistics is ideally poised to integrate with combined defense logistics system to bring in benefits of optimization of inventory and making critical parts readily available with high service levels. ... Read more

Energy & Chemicals:

Energy and Chemicals With the Indian chemical industry actively setting up manufacturing bases in various remote locations, Logistics is the biggest point of consideration. Logistics, both inbound raw materials to efficient storage and distribution of products has huge potential in saving costs and becoming viable in face of stiff international competition. The environmental issues and regulations also require that entire supply chain is compliant to the norms.Efficiency can be brought in with harmonised production cycles, transparent order processing and integrated logistics . Safety and sustainability actively assessing their transport operation risks are the key to be the successful player in this field.... Read more

Engineering & Manufacturing:

Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering and manufacturing sector requires high efficiency supply chain management solutions, fully integrated with diverse systems throughout the chain. OEMs depend lot on subcontractors and vendor / suppliers for components to keep the manufacturing process running smoothly. The fine balance between making all parts available at the required point in time and need to minimize the inventory build up is the game changer for any engineering manufacturer.Engineering and Manufacturing Handling of Subcontracting work, tuning the whole supply chain with production schedules, efficient movement of components, co-ordination between multiple agencies and doing it all at a very cost effective way is the forte of Dynamic Logistics.... Read more


Retail Retail supply chain management is different game altogether, the variety, volume and the fast moving nature of the products makes this a very fluid system requiring it to be seamless, dynamic and agile across all channels and at every node of the supply chain Extensive use of technology to monitor all movement very closely to ensure timely available of right product at right quantities at the right place is the cornerstone of the success in retail industry success.Retail Both brick and Mortar as well e-commerce retail suffer from very low exit barrier for the customer. All the processes in the The supply chain are to be tuned to provide greatest of customer happiness and thus customer retention.Making delivery of the right products to customers... Read more