Value Added Services

Using Value Added Services provided by Dynamic Logistics allows customs have a greater focus on their core competencies and transfers some responsibility.
The advantages of using Value Added Services are

Flexibility - On demand flexibility of space, labor and tools allows the customer to respond faster to consumer demands Dynamic Logistics has resources and tools necessary to help complete value added tasks like Conveyor belts, shrink-wrapping machines, pallet wrappers, blister packaging machines, box taping machines, available for ongoing projects as well as the ability to take on last minute rush assignments. These flexible resources help the customer reduce labour costs, equipment expenses and space restrictions

Quality -The value added department is a dedicated team, specifically trained and utilized for value added projects. This brings a focus on quality and efficiency of work.

Single point of contact - Using the value added services of Dynamic Logistics allows the customer to work with one partner for all of their logistics needs. Dynamic Logistics can help manage transportation, warehousing, value added and staffing services in a supply chain, making it easier to navigate the world of logistics. Keeping the product in one facility also minimizes costs associated with transporting or moving products between facilities


Vas Main Value Added Service categories are

  • Packaging services include packaging goods into consolidates containers, cartons, or kits
  • Assembly services include assembling multiple pieces of a product by hand or with special tools.
  • Shrink-wrapping services can include shrink-wrapping individual or multiple products with branded, custom or clear shrink-wrap.
  • Kitting and Bagging include combining multiple products into one store-ready kit or bag.
  • Labeling services include labeling individual products or items, country of origin labelling, branded labels, bar-codes or unique ID labels.


Vas Fulfillment/e-commerce is a large part of the e-commerce world today. Order fulfilment usually consisting of small orders, by the item or a few items, and shipped out by parcel, are handled within value added services Dynamic Logistics' services ensure the efficient and cost-effective transfer of goods that are maintained in good condition throughout their travels. Dynamic Logistics has a team that is experts in managing the logistics necessary to ensure that goods arrive on time.

Dynamic Logistics can help in negotiating tariffs, customs regulations and understanding requirements of shipping by land, sea, rail, and air Our freight forwarding division manages the risks and benefits of shipping both nationally and internationally using the latest advances in information technology.
Dynamic Logistics has most qualified personnel available to tailor and develop a comfortable shipping experience for their clients. Negotiating the logistics and regulations of freight forwarding